Rachel Nichols Photos: Must-See Pictures Of ESPN Host

Rachel Nichols, 43, is a very knowledgable and talented sports journalist and TV host for ESPN. She also happens to be a hot red head. Much respect.

Nichols was born in Potomac, Maryland, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University (she’s a smart one if you couldn’t tell from her ace reporting). Early in her career,  Nichols worked for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel (1995-1996) and the Washington Post (1996-2004) where she covered the NHL’s Washington Capitals.

In 2013, Nichols began hosting Unguarded with Rachel Nichols on CNN. But in October 2014 the show was reduced from a regular series to an occasional special.

The hard hitting reporter currently hosts ESPN’s The Jump while also appearing on CBS’ NCAA Tournament broadcasts and TNT’s NBA coverage. Obviously, she’s had a very successful career in broadcast thus far.

What I like most about Nichols (besides, you know, her being hot) is her fearlessness. She didn’t back down when questioning NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about the botched Ray Rice suspension back in 2014 and confronted Floyd Mayweather about his lengthy history of domestic violence. That takes serious cajones.

Nichols is damn good at her job and ESPN is lucky to have her. Strike that, we’re all lucky to have her which is why we’ve put together a gallery of photos to commemorate the quick talking sports expert. Check it out above.

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